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Are you concerned that a lightning strike can cause an electrical surge in your home?

If you live in the Raleigh, NC area you know we experience severe electrical storms. Truthfully though there are other causes for surges in the home. Today’s households have more electronics than ever before. Household appliances such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators have circuit boards. Did you know they are even in LED lights?

Additionally, we have other electronics like computers, phones, printers, that you may lose due to an electrical surge. With all that being said, we have a lot to protect in our homes. You’ve come to the right place for whole house surge protection in the Raleigh area.

Why You Need Whole House Surge Protection

The biggest dangers to our home are actually caused internally. Mini-surges produced by generators and air conditioners over a longer period of time cause damage. These constant surges will weaken the performance of electronics and shorten their lifespan. However, we cannot overlook the fact that a lightning strike can send an excessive amount of electricity through the utility lines to our home systems. Whole house surge protection halt over-voltages on the utility lines which harm expensive systems and electronics in the home. Don’t be fooled to think your electronics are safe because you have them plugged into power strips that claim to have surge protectors. These cannot handle the high surges that can fry your expensive equipment that whole home surge protectors are built for. Suppressors are also built to last for years.

How Whole House Surge Protection Works

How does whole house surge protection work? Whole house surge protection suppressors stop surges from entering house wiring. Separate devices hard-wired directly at all exposed points are needed to protect power, phone, and cable lines. This ensures that surges will not find a way into sensitive equipment. These devices must have low let-through voltages, sufficient surge capacity, and be properly installed to ensure adequate protection. When the suppressor receives power surges it then sends the surge back to the breaker panel. Here it can divert and protect your home. Just one device will not fully protect you. Instead, your electrician will suggest layers of protection. To be fully protected whole house surge protection must be set up right.

Call Right Electrical Services Today!

If you need help in installing indoor/outdoor outlets, GFCI outlets or switches, call Right Electrical Services. Our electricians receive up-to-date continuing education and training on electrical repairs, the most current electrical safety, and codes. Located in Raleigh NC, Right Electrical can service your home in Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Clayton, Knightdale, Smithfield, Benson, Four Oaks and Wendell. Be assured that we care about you and your family and will get the job done right. Simply call or go online to schedule an appointment and keep your family safe and enjoy peace of mind.

Originally published at on July 19, 2018.

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